Hey there!

I'm Brock Zevan

Life and Business Coach

Brock is a dynamic coach and motivational speaker, empowering individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional lives


As a skilled realtor, he expertly navigates the complexities of the real estate market, ensuring his clients find their perfect homes or investments.

Dad and Furdad

Balancing his roles as a devoted dad and furdad, Brock brings compassion and determination to every aspect of his life, inspiring others to achieve their goals with heart and purpose.

I am a father first to two children Brielle and Bryce. We call ourselves the three B’s. They are my why and my reason for the strong work ethic that I have.

For 12 years I taught physical education, coached football and baseball for middle and high school and later became an assistant principal. While I loved helping and coaching the kids, I soon realized that I wanted more for my family.

In an effort to live and provide my best life, I went to real estate school and later opened my own brokerage. Soon after I discovered that I could grow with support of others so I joined a national brand. In 2019, I found a way to offer more for my family and my team and then headed to one of the Real Estate company based in North Carolina.

My Real Estate Career has given me the opportunity to use my coaching skills that I learned while teaching. I am a visionary.

I strive to help those around me help themselves.

My passion is helping others. Whether it is my family, my team or my clients I take pride in serving others and do that by taking the time to listen to their needs and their own why’s.

Recognizing one’s personality type as well as their love language helps me better communicate and I find that to be one of the most important things I can do to improve all of my relationships.

-Brock Zevan-